The Aberdeen Angus Federation of England.

 The Aberdeen Angus Federation is dedicated to promoting Aberdeen Angus farmers, Aberdeen Angus cattle and pure-bred, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef, the acknowledged best-tasting beef that money can buy.

The Federation provides the technical  services to enable English Aberdeen Angus cattle farmers to enjoy the benefits of the internet.

The Federation offers:-
A web - based search engine to help find Aberdeen Angus farms in England,
E.mail facilities for Angus farmers with no charge,
A personal farm website creation service for Angus farmers, for free, probably the one most popular feature of this site, see:- 'Create your own site'
A website hosting service,
Internet advice lines,
Contact Aberdeen Angus Federation management by letter to Box 239, West Clayton, Chorleywood, Herts, WD3 5EX.

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